Zhang Kejian


                                                Area of Responsibility

                                                In charge of the overall work at GAA. Responsible for GAA Board of Directors and GAA Party Committee. Assuming role as GAA legal person.


                                                Personal Profile

                                                Zhang Kejian, male, Han nationality, born in Shijiazhuang city of Hebei Province, joined the workforce in June 1989, CPC member, graduated from the School of Architecture and Design, China University of Mining and Technology with a master degree in architectural structure, senior engineer.


                                                Zhang Kejian served successively as Deputy Director of the Airport Construction Division, Airport Department, General Administration of Civil Aviation of China; General Engineer at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Co., Ltd.(GBIAC); member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of GAA Party Committee, and GAA Vice Chairman; General Manager and Deputy Party Committee Secretary of GBIAC; Board member, General Manager, Deputy Party Committee Secretary of GAA; Chairman of the Board of GBIAC; Chairman and Party Committee Secretary of GAA.

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