Li Ming


                                                Area of Responsibility

                                                In charge of GAA's safety management and stability-maintaining work, administrative management work, Trade Union work, and supervision and coordination of major GAA activities. In charge of the Office, the Safety Supervision Department (Security Department) and the Trade Union of GAA. In charge of the communication with the Airport Public Security Bureau under the Department of Public Security of Guangdong Province.


                                                Personal Profile

                                                Li Ming, male, Han nationality, born in Xinyang county of Henan Province, joined the workforce in February 1977, CPC member, graduated from Naval Political College with a bachelor degree in HR Management.


                                                    Li Ming served successively as Deputy Director of the Management Division of the Navy Headquarters in Guangzhou; Deputy Director of the Office of GBIAC; Deputy Director and Director of Office of GAA; Assistant to the President and Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of GAA; Deputy General Manager, Party Committee member and Chairman of the Trade Union of GAA.
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