Liu Jianqiang


                                                Area of Responsibility

                                                Assisting Zhang Kejian in carrying out party building related work at GAA, in charge of the work related to organization, human resources, publicity campaign, youth league and retired cadres, and in charge of GAA Party Committee, Human Resources Department (Organization Department), Retired Cadres Management and Service Center.


                                                Personal Profile

                                                Liu Jianqiang, male, Han Nationality, born in Shixing County of Guangdong Province, joined the workforce in December 1978, CPC member, graduated from the Party School of CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee with a bachelor degree in economic management, senior political officer.


                                                Liu Jianqiang served successively as Director of the Political Division of GBIA Public Security Bureau; Deputy Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection and Director of Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Office of GAA; Board member, Deputy Party Committee Secretary, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Chairman of Trade Union of GAA; Chairman of the Board and Party Committee Secretary of GBIAC; Board member and Deputy Party Committee Secretary of GAA.

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