Yang Xijiang


                                                Area of Responsibility

                                                In charge of the construction projects at GAA. In charge of the Airport Construction Management Department (Flight Management Department), the Party Committee of GAA, GAA Airport Hotel Asset Management Branch Company, Guangdong Airport Hanghe Energy Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Civil Airline Hospital (Health Investment Company), Security Company, and Service Center.


                                                Personal Profile

                                                Yang Xijiang, male, Hui Nationality, born in Suixian County of Henan Province, joined the workforce in July 1993, CPC member, graduated from Jinan University with a master degree in business management.


                                                Yang Xijiang served successively as Deputy Chief of the Enterprises and Institutions Division at the Organization Department of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee; Deputy Chief, Chief and Deputy Director of the 4th Cadres Division; and Vice General Manager and Party Committee member of GAA.

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